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Brand Valuation One-Sheet $500

You Receive: A one-hour consultation with our Chief Brand Strategist that results in a personalized branding blueprint one-sheet that defines your specific goals and keeps your brand aligned    


The Entrepreneur Accelerator $300/session

Curriculuum $900

Location: We Work Apollo

Branding 101                                                                                                (2 hours w/ food break)

Overview of the 5 W's of branding, operational strategies, and execution for general market entrepreneurs

Branding 102: Catch A Fire                                                                       (2 hours w/ food break)

Once you have achieved step one, now how do you sustain your momentum and grow the business accordingly? This session will teach you how to thrive while growing so you do not become lost in the increased attention and exposure.

Branding 103: How To Establish Strategic Partnerships That Win (2 hours w/ food break)

How to un-silo yourself and create cohesion with like-minded brands to help propel your business. New era relationship building for business owners to propel financial growth.


Branding For The Creative Economy $30/hr

(one hour w/ light refreshments)

Location: The Gateway Media Arts Lab

Professional branding development for creative businesses and entrepreneurs. Perfect condensed session for traditional artists and creative new media professionals.