Who Prepares You For Success? No One And That Is The Problem

Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain

Welcome to 2019.

There is more access to people, information, and agendas. The primary mode of social interaction: social media.

The primary desire of most people: success. As a result, there is an unending drive to be known for something and the belief that once achieved, nirvana is reached.

Looking back at 2018, there were many so-called examples of success where the successful still felt unfulfilled after.

Th is not a cautionary tale but an exploration into what truly makes one successful and if we’ve all gotten it wrong.

Hey There Superstar!

Famous is ever so attractive.

It is used as the new currency within small and large circles. Being famous for nothing is rewarded handsomely today. A quick way to jumpstart that journey is to hire a team of experts to make you somebody.

Well intentioned clothing stylists, hair dressers, master groomers, makeup artist, as well as jewelers, exotic car service providers and more.

People are sacrificing the quest for their true talent for a faster path to fame and looking the part is one of them. Social media’s seduction is ever-present and the need to compete for relevance drives many to create a falsified existence.

However, living for “likes” is a dangerous game as each faux show of support only inches the user deeper into the trap.

Dedicated To The Fallen Stars

In 2018 many successful people died via suicide.

It is always a strange thing for someone who seems to have it all together to take their own life. Humanity cannot really understand why a person who has achieved a so-called high level of desired success would take their own life.

I would contend that once the level of desired success was achieved a quandary of emotions clouded the achievement.






Fame brings out the worst in us all because it is a hollow state. If you are not whole internally or seeking wholeness then the vapidness of fame will expose wider voids within.

Last year, the world lost electronic music DJ Avicii and hip hop artist Mac Miller. The two are believed to have died from suicide based on various news reports.

Each pushed himself to the brink creatively, physically, and spiritually to serve the masses with music. Each received back fame and financial gains.

Each lost their life well before turning thirty years old.

As a storyteller, Anthony Bourdain was a silent hero of mine. The chef turned culture narrator looked like a food critic but was really an experiencer of life. He traversed the earth, eating, drinking, and becoming intoxicated with all the stories that life holds.

As a mixed martial arts fight promoter, I would see him front row at fights and relish at his affinity for all of life’s exotic delights.

Bourdain died of an apparent suicide on June 8th 2018 at 61 years old.

The Pursuit of Happiness

I have been successful in my life.

It always came with caveats, though. No form of success is pure because you cannot truly appreciate it without some pain.

However, when you view success through the lens of fame as the primer then you won’t even know if you are successful or not.

True success has nothing to do with wealth, celebrity, or anything else non-substantive.

Happiness is success.

Find what you love and enjoy it.

Happiness is the pursuit of passion.

Relish in the joy found in truly being interested in something and pursuing it. Never forget to feed your spirit with love, light, and forgiveness.

As you recognize your success, be mindful that it doesn’t cannibalize you. If you ever believe that you would be better off if you were not on the planet anymore, do not be afraid to reach out to someone you love for assistance.

No one should die from the consequences of a successful life. Give yourself flowers today for waking up and attempting this big challenge called life.

You are loved and it is not because of any so-called fame but because there will never be anyone like you.